The 5 good reasons to have a dental veneer

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To have a pleasant smile, many people are still hesitant about the choice of technique to adopt. Cosmetic dental surgery , in particular the placement of dental veneers , is a very effective option.

Here are 5 good reasons to get a dental veneer.

1. Dental veneers can replace teeth whitening

If you have yellowed teeth caused by poor diet or other, there are several options to be able to whiten them, to name only the gutter or the strips.

On the other hand, veneering can replace teeth whitening. It turns them white in a simple specialized shell bonding action. With the techniques mentioned above, your teeth will probably be white at some point and will require special maintenance. On the other hand, the dental veneer will remain there for more than 20 years with its white color, and this without specific maintenance.

2. The Lumineers veneer and braces

To put your teeth back in their place and give them good alignment, the classic way is to wear braces. Whether braces or otherwise, these orthodontic products will perform their function wonderfully. It should be noted that when you wear braces, it will diminish your charm and make it less aesthetic.

The Lumineers veneer is used to realign the teeth, it is enough for the dentist to glue the ceramic particles and you will have white and well aligned teeth.

3. The Lumineers veneer VS dental crowns

The dental crown is mainly used to repair teeth that are too damaged. In critical cases, the installation of dental crowns requires the implantation of another piece in the root of your teeth. It is a more invasive technique that requires the use of anesthesia.

The dental veneer is a painless and quick alternative. It does not require anesthesia, tooth extraction or implantation of anything. The dental surgeon proceeds directly to bonding the Lumineers veneers once the latter have been made. In case the teeth are too dilapidated, the dental jacket is also another option. The technique of the dental jacket is similar to that of the veneer, except that the jacket is intended to restore teeth that are too damaged.

4. The Lumineers veneer: restores and strengthens weak teeth

By having one or more Lumineers veneers placed, your fragile teeth will be strengthened. Don’t wait until your misaligned, misshapen, or yellowed teeth are in bad shape for you to call on this innovative solution. This technique also restores damaged, cracked, cut teeth.

With the dental veneer, you won’t have to pull out your damaged teeth, just a simple gentle lick of glue and a special ceramic shell and you’re done.

5. The Lumineers facet: suitable for the elderly as well as the young

Usually it is the elderly who use the Lumineers veneer . These people turn to this technique to repair, for example, the damage caused by years of smoking cigarettes or to correct the deformity of their teeth.

The Lumineers veneer is also for young people who are frustrated with their teeth for multiple reasons. Similarly, children’s teeth can also be repaired by applying Lumineers veneers.

Now, no more overlapping, decayed, rice-grain or other teeth. The placement of Lumineers dental veneers will give you satisfaction with a naturally pleasant result.

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