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Millions of men worldwide consume testosterone-booster supplements available over-the-counter, on the sheer assumption of having low T as it starts impacting their sex life. The symptoms that they may experience include low energy, lessened sex libido, ED, etc. Albeit these symptoms are associated with low T, however, it is important to consider medical diagnosis at facilities like Evan Bass Men’s Clinic because there are lot to consider before treating low T. The article recommends people understand four vital aspects when it comes to treating Low-T.

Low Energy Level Always Doesn’t Sign Low T

Although low energy is generally associated with low testosterone levels, there could be various symptoms related to other health issues. So, before assuming that low T is the reason, individuals need to evaluate their sleep pattern, stress level, and other warning signs related to low T: for instance

  • Less sex desire or low libido
  • Erectile dysfunction or inability to maintain erection
  • Helplessness to gain muscle mass despite having regular workouts.
  • Overweight and soreness or swelling of the breasts termed gynecomastia

Those who experience the above systems talk with physicians in medical settings like Evan Bass Men’s Clinic.

Common Causes of Low-T: Obesity, Treating Cancer and Natural Aging 

Noteworthy, the accumulation of fat in the body of men at times converts testosterone into estrogen, a principal hormone in females who naturally possess less testosterone count than males. Such hormonal change can have many side effects including the issues experienced due to low T.

According to the healthcare providers of Evan Bass Men’s Clinic low T caused by obesity can be managed effectively by having healthy weight loss practices involving workouts, change of lifestyle, and diet. Doing so helps bring a balance of testosterone naturally and helps eliminate the signs of low T. Moreover, hormone therapies to treat prostate cancer can trigger symptoms of low T. Even after the discontinuation of its medicines and the successful healing of cancer, the issue can continue.

Natural aging is very much associated with low T which could have an impact on bone density. Bone health is also linked to osteoporosis experienced by elderly males in a similar way as low estrogen leads to osteoporosis in elderly or post-menopausal females. This is the reason, why it is vital to speak to a physician to diagnose the underlying reason and have the right treatment.

Supplements to Boost Testosterone Found Over the Counter May Not Work or Even Can Be Dangerous 

It is worth noting that ingredients used in testosterone-boosting supplements or steroids available online or bought over the counter are not regulated by the FDA. This often makes it challenging to recognize the contents of any supplement or their side effects.

On the other hand testosterone replacement therapies are medically proven and FDA-approved procedures for treating low T. Most importantly TRT method is designed considering the unique health issues of every individual. The one-size-fits-all solution of testosterone booster supplements simply does not work and can even have a negative impact on human health.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Can Work When Properly Administered 

Unlike anabolic steroids, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is administered under close medical supervision by experts in facilities like Evan Bass Men’s Clinic. Once an individual is diagnosed with low T through lab tests, a doctor prescribes TRT that aims to treat low T and bring the needed balance in testosterone levels. TRT uses natural ingredients that the human body generates. This makes it work without having any side effects when administered by experts. So, it makes sense to rely on prescription-backed TRT which is safe and proven to work.

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