10 tips to lose weight faster

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How to Among the tips for losing weight faster and losing belly fat, we can mention regular physical exercise and eating slowly, as they help to speed up the metabolism and control hunger throughout the day, favoring thus weight loss.

In addition, it is also important to give preference to foods rich in fiber, such as legumes, fruits, vegetables and green vegetables. Indeed, these foods take longer to be digested in the stomach, which reduces the feeling of hunger throughout the day.

To lose weight and belly in a healthy way, it is advisable to seek the advice of a nutritionist, in order to carry out a complete nutritional assessment and to plan a food plan adapted to the needs of each one.

Here are some tips that will help you lose weight faster and lose your belly:

1. Eat slowly and respect satiety

Eating slowly and chewing food well increases the length of meals, causing a full stomach to signal the brain that the body does not need more food, which decreases food intake, helping to lose weight and belly.

To eat slowly, it is advisable to always eat meals at the table and avoid distractions, such as television, mobile phone or tablet, for example. In addition, putting the cutlery on the plate between one bite and another also helps to slow down chewing.

2. Eat lean protein at every meal

Eating lean protein with every meal, such as tofu, egg, fish, or chicken, helps with weight loss and belly fat loss because these foods increase the release of a hormone that promotes satiety, making it easier weight loss. See other food sources of protein.

So you can include 2 eggs, 1 small chicken fillet or 1 medium fish fillet at lunch or dinner, and 1 plain unsweetened yogurt at breakfast, for example.

3. Drink more water during the day

Drinking more water during the day helps to lose weight and belly fat because this drink takes up bulk in the stomach, which increases satiety and reduces the urge to eat.

The recommended amount of water per day is between 1.5 and 3 litres, varying according to weight, age and physical activity, for example.

For people who find it difficult to drink pure water, you can opt for sugar-free teas or waters flavored with ginger, mint or lemon, for example.

4. Practice physical exercises

Indeed, physical exercises accelerate the metabolism, which stimulates the breakdown of body fat.

Physical exercise should be moderate to vigorous in intensity, at least three times per week, and include aerobic activities, such as dancing, running, swimming, and cycling, and resistance activities, such as bodybuilding, calisthenics and GAP.

5. Avoid ultra-processed foods

To lose weight and belly, avoid consuming ultra-processed foods, as they may contain flavorings, sugar and/or fats, ingredients that stimulate the desire to eat and increase the calories of the diet, making weight loss more difficult.

Additionally, pizzas, burgers, and processed foods such as sausages, bologna, ham, and turkey stew are also ultra-processed and can make weight loss difficult.

6. Eat fiber-rich foods

Eating fiber-rich natural foods with every meal, such as brown rice, wholemeal bread, beans, apples, melon, lettuce, pumpkin, and tomatoes, helps with weight loss and belly fat loss.

In fact, the fibers form a kind of gel in the stomach, which increases the time it takes to digest food, prolongs satiety throughout the day and thus reduces food intake.

7. Avoid getting too hungry

Staying hungry for a long time can hinder weight loss, as many people tend to eat more food than they actually need at the next meal.

8. Sleep 7 to 9 hours

Sleeping between 7 and 9 hours a night helps in losing weight and losing belly fat because it is during sleep that GH is produced, an important hormone for burning body fat.

Also, during sleep, the production of ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates hunger, is decreased. Therefore, sleeping is a natural way to balance hunger and facilitate weight loss.

9. Avoid alcoholic beverages

To lose weight and lose belly fat, it is recommended to avoid alcoholic beverages, such as wine, beer, whiskey, and sparkling wine, as these drinks are high in calories, which hinders weight loss.

In addition, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is usually accompanied by snacks, such as fatty cheeses, salami, jellies and crisps, for example, foods that are high in calories and therefore also hinder weight loss. weight.

10. Keep a food diary

Keeping a food diary, noting everything you eat during the day, is a good strategy for losing weight and belly fat because it improves your perception of what you eat and how you eat. helping to identify what needs to be maintained and what can be improved in the diet.

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